Maddy began her relationship with Dirty Feet Missions the inaugural year of Para Servir in 2015. She was an instant fit. She has returned every year as the Internship assistant.

As a first year intern, she arrived in Guatemala without much religion in her life, but a heart full of Jesus. She couldn’t quote the scriptures. She didn’t know the words to the worship songs they sang during worship service. She didn’t know how to pray in front of other people. What she did know & understand was the deep love that Christ has for us and the need to share it with others. As a first year intern, she soaked in everything like a sponge, and now each year of the internship, she does her best to pour into the interns helping them to grow, learn, & experience what it means to be loved by Christ and share that love with others.

Madison fell in love with DFM and their mission,
“DFM allows me to live out my dreams and pursue my passion of serving others and loving Christ. Serving with DFM and learning from their mentors has helped me to become the adventurous & compassionate person the Lord has created me to be. I’ve always hated the idea of living a boring, comfortable life. Dirty Feet Missions has allowed & encouraged me to do the things that make my life extraordinary.”

Madison is  married and lives in Indianna  with her husband Riley and little girl, Lucy. She is a  college graduate from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and recently has becime a Registered Nurse.

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