The Greatest of These is Love

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It’s hard to put into words how much I have felt and learned during the Para Servir Internship, so I am going to talk about my biggest God moment. My God moment of the trip was realizing that if I had not come on the Para Servir Internship I would have missed the opportunity to build a loving friendship with Doña Santa, Don Antonio, Rolando, Carmelina, Carlos, and Marina. God gave me a love for the Tuy family that is very special. During the internship I have realized that I have a love for the lost and hurting. I know that kind of love is put in my heart by God and is a love I felt compelled to share with the Tuy family. Everyone in my group has different gifts that God has given to them. Sydney is encouraging, Brianna is funny, Crystal is dedicated to everything she does, Shyanne is devoted to her walk with God, Anna is energetic, Leigh is caring, Carrie is a good listener, Jennifer is wise, Genia is open to new experiences and has a heart for the hurting, Kaleela is sweet and always kind, Hope is thoughtful, Kylee is open with sharing her life experiences and loves animals, Maddy is a hard worker, and I love people. I am very thankful that I came to Pana for six weeks and learned more about myself and about God. It was a blessing and a privilege to be able to connect with the Tuy family through kindness, joy, laughter, smiles, hugs, and food.
¡Te quiero mucho!
1 Corinthians 13:13
Three things will last forever- faith, hope, and love- and the greatest of these is love.
Danielle Palmer
2019 Para Servir Intern