Unconditional Love

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Sometimes we think that loving how Christ loved people is complicated, however, It’s simple. The more we abide in Christ and his love the more it flows out of us and we are able to love others the way he loves us. And it never had to be complicated at all. When we become a Christian, we accept the Holy Spirit to live in us. We are not our own but Christs’. That being said we should be his hands and feet on this earth, to love people in tangible ways. Also, We don’t just love people we want to love, we want to love everyone just like Christ did. He had no favorites.  When Jesus was on this earth he loved everyone even if they didn’t love him… and when wanting to be Christ like, we want to do the same. 

On this trip I have learned more in depth  what that kind of  love looks like. Some tangible tasks that I got to do on this trip were taking the neighbor girls in and giving them food, watching movies with them and caring for their physical needs. Blessing a tuk tuk driver, buying older ladies flowers, handing out popsicles to kids, even just as simple as leaving quarters in the candy machines in the grocery store. Does that sound that complicated to you? It actually sounds kinda fun right? Loving people can not only be a blessing  to the the receiver but also to  you! Even just talking  to the locals can be a part of Jesus’ love. When you even talk to someone casually, it can show you have love in your heart. Even a simple God bless you (dios te bendiga) can make someone’s day.

When serving in another Country, you use the same kind of love as you would when home in church and going out doing ministry in the U.S.  Being in Guatemala It’s still the same love but it’s just serving different people.

Even though we may think that loving like Christ is so hard, when we have him in our heart it will come naturally, and even more so the more time we spend in his word. 

People who are not Christians know how to love obviously, but God’s love is soo much greater and more evident of joy. The joy that we get when we follow Christ. “Jesus joy”. The reward we get for loving like Christ is joy. It is hard to explain but it is like an overwhelming joy that Christ puts in you. Mark Batterson, author of Chasing The Lion states, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what God has called you to do today. Delayed obedience is disobedience.” God has called us to love now and all the time, not just when we feel like it.

I am so grateful for all the learning experiences and skills that I have learned during the Para Servir Internship.   I feel like I can  love people better in everything I do. When we are Christians we get love that flows from love himself. But, people who aren’t Christian, love comes from alternate sources and maybe self defense.  

We may think, as Americans, that loving people is complicated. Maybe we think we have to earn their love. Or even maybe we love for selfish reasons instead or selfless reasons. 2 John 1:6 says, “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands”. God calls us to love all people. Why? Because he commanded it. You may think it is another burden or another rule, but we GET to love people! We should love to love people. 

Anna Benedict

2019 Para Servir Intern