I’m Grateful

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I’m grateful.
I’m grateful for every person, place, and thing I’ve encountered.
I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve built and the ways that God has brought me closer to his heart, through them.
I’m thankful for the everyday encounters that have brought me such joy, and the things that have scared me and pushed me at the same time.
Experiencing things like taking a 30 ft jump into Lake Atitlán, dancing on the lake shores, laughing on boat rides, running across flower-lined paths, singing, talking to God about such beautiful occurrences, all the while discovering disastrous truths, and making friendships with people who have experienced them, personally, has left me speechless.
I’m so overwhelmed. I’ve had my heart broken and lifted up so many times in the last six weeks. I’m so excited for future experiences; to pursue further endeavors for God; to continue to invite others in & to put myself out there, as well. I hope that in all of this, I keep God at the center. After all He is the reason for all of this, isn’t he?! This crazy adventure that we call life.
I hope & pray that my whole life long I will have the opportunity to experience beautiful things like this trip – things I’m not deserving to experience, but that I’ve been able to, because of God’s incredible grace.
I’m more thankful then I can express, and excited to take these memories and experiences with me, back to America and hopefully beyond…
Sydney Johnson
2019 Para Servir Intern