A Changed Heart

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   A six week internship is something I never thought I would personally accomplish, simply because I often doubt myself, but my oh my was I wrong about EVERYTHING about Para Servir. This experience seriously rocked my world, it had me shook!

           As I was going to Guatemala I wanted no change for myself I thought I was perfect  and nobody was going to tell me different to be more exact, nobody was going to tell me what to do period. This mentality landed me in so many tough spots at home  as well as the first few weeks of the internship, but on the 3rd Monday of Para Servir I was determined to change! And I did.  Some of the biggest lessons I learned during my time in Guatemala is that our society makes everything about ourselves when in reality, NOTHING is about us. Coming from a selfish and all about me person this was the hardest thing to admit but I can definitely say God opened my eyes in showing me I actually enjoy not making everything about me. Before the internship I was such a broken and hard hearted person well…. At least I thought I was, but another thing God revealed to me was that I want people to think I have a hard heart and that I am such a baddie but I learned I am the polar opposite of that. Turns out for so long I was letting satan steal my joy as well as my soft heart.  I now refuse to let my heart be bitter and hard and that I will allow it to be soft.  I will no longer have the heart society tells me to have. 

           Thank you Jesus for loving me and allowing me to love you back.  A few of my favorite memories from this trip were watching God overcome every language barrier, watching him love on others through my team, sharing lunches with all the children, buying lunches for the ones who didn’t have them. But my personal favorite was getting to love on the kids that meant more to me then ANYTHING and the beautiful thing about it is that it means more to them even more. Even crazier to me is that we go there to change their lives and they end up changing ours.  That is the beauty of missions. I loved getting to see the beauty of Jesus in everything I did from the mountains to the valleys wow!!  UGH, I enjoyed it all and every beautiful thing I experienced. To every  girl who was part of the 2018 Para Servir team; each and everyone of you taught  me something different but one thing you all taught me was unconditional love! A huge thank you to Dirty Feet Missions for allowing me to be apart of such a beautiful journey and a even bigger thank you to Jesus for radically changing my life and opening my eyes. Dear Guatemala and my forever family I now have there, thank you for allowing me to love on you and showing you Gods love. I hope to see you soon Panajachel,Guatemal. To anyone who reads this if God can change my heart and open my eyes he can do it for you!                PUT A SMILE ON SOMEONES FACE TODAY, SPREAD JOY. 

                                                                         Dios te bendiga

                                                                                                         Tori Beth 2018 Para Servir Intern