Step Beyond Where I Am Now

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In 2014, I was immensely blessed with an opportunity to move with my family to Turriabla, Costa Rica. It was in this year I learned about how I wanted to treat people. I wanted to love them. Not a love that I can conjure up on my own, from my own heart, for my own desires. But a love that would be supernaturally placed in me by God to love his people in every circumstance. From that, I have chosen the word “love” to be a goal for my life.

Recently, however, I have seen myself downsize His love. I have to admit to myself that I have been so consumed with building base relationships with people, that I don’t go beyond that to share the meat of the issue: WHO the love comes from. Without addressing that, can I really say that I am loving them? This year, I have chosen the word “bold” to accompany my goal of love.

The reason I was inspired to join the 2018 Para Servir team, was because I saw how they were going to take deep personal relationships and couple them with boldly spreading the word of God. I wanted a time to step beyond where I am now and learn to build strong relationships that are also clear about Christ- centered intentions. The title of the mission in and of itself is an ice breaker to a introduction to my faith. Being there will help me strengthen my faith and really put it into action. And when I come home I will still be able to look back and share with people about why I love boldly.

In addition to that, I am also really looking forward to building friendships and immersing myself in the culture of Guatemala. I hope for this trip to be a long term investment into the family we’re working with as well as in my own spiritual life.

I can’t wait to see how God loves through us!!

Shealyn Sullivan

2018 Para Servir Intern