It’s Been a Long and Very Painful Journey

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Going back to my sophomore summer I was really struggling with depression. I tried to lose myself in whatever way I could. It wasn’t until I started seeking help more actively and genuinely, actually wanting to live about a year ago, that God showed me I didn’t need to lose myself in the world. I needed to find the real Kloe in him. It’s been a long and very painful journey that I could not have made it through without God placing so many blessings along the way. From healing my heart and mind to opening doors in order to still achieve my goals even after all my screwups. I’ve been craving a deeper and more passionate relationship with him since then and this trip is so perfect for that. Not only will is grow my faith but knowing the impact we will make of the family we are building for makes my heart glow. I think I am most excited to grow close to this family and build strong relationships with them. It is also an incredible opportunity to learn first hand about a different culture and get a chance to fully embrace it! ! I’m truly so stoked for this adventure!

Kloe Hudson

2018 Para Servir Intern